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Kara Baruzzini

Owner, Lead Teacher 

Michigan native, Kara Baruzzini, is a Lululemon Ambassador, Entrepreneur, and International Yoga Teacher (E-RYT 200). Her yoga journey began in 2011, while traveling in Europe.  She accidentally stumbled into a “Laughter” Yoga Class and from that point, she took on a journey of self discovery through 9 months of traveling independently in Europe. Kara found her passion in all things yoga and had an insatiable thirst to learn more that becoming a yoga teacher was truly the next step. Just one year later, she became a Certified Yoga Teacher through LifePower Yoga. She has since taught yoga consistently across Michigan from Ann Arbor to Traverse City, and taught internationally in Spain and Costa Rica. 

Kara’s teaching style has firm roots in Ashtanga Yoga. She specializes in Jonny Kest Vinyasa, AcroYoga, Inversion Training; and has experience in Slowburn, SUP Yoga, Beach Yoga, Yin, Partner Yoga, Roots (Healthy Backs), and Yoga For Athletes. Her Vinyasa classes are full of dynamic sequencing and playful transitions. 

Kara’s current mission is to continue spreading the yoga love through her classes and by taking yoga off the mat. She continually puts her heart and soul into her work, creating and planning events that will eventually spread this love on a larger scale. 

For more information email kara.baruzzini@gmail.com or follow @karaziniyoga on Instagram


Bryan Bennett

Owner, Lead Teacher

From a young age, Bryan always sought out movement and play in his life. Bryan spent most of his youth as a competitive swimmer and a member of the Boy Scouts of America.  At the suggestion of a friend, Bryan began taking yoga classes.  It wasn't until one of his first yoga classes at the Jonny Kest’s Center for Yoga, that he knew he had found what had been missing, and decided to pursue the the practice further.  In 2014, Bryan graduated from Jonny Kest’s Yoga Teacher Training at the Center for Yoga in Birmingham, Michigan, and became a full time instructor. 

Bryan’s out-going personality shines through in all styles of teaching he is versed in: Jonny Kest Vinyasa Yoga, SlowBurn, Healthy Backs, Yin Yoga and Yoga for Athletes and his personal favorite, AcroYoga.  Bryan is an Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher (E-RYT200), Lululemon Ambassador, Entrepreneur and AcroYoga Performer.

Bryan’s goal is to motivate and inspire the people that he finds himself around. He believes that a united, and loving community of like minded individuals can truly create a powerful transformation in the only world that we have.

For more information email bryanbennetyoga@gmail.com or follow @theacrocaveman on Instagram

Lily Carlson

Sangha Experience Intern, Yoga Teacher

Lily first encountered yoga as a sophomore in high school, using the practice as a means to enhance her strength and flexibility as a volleyball player. It wasn’t until her freshman year of college, at the University of Michigan, however, that she began to fall in love with the both the spirituality and physicality of the practice. Quickly enamored by the depth and healing qualities of yoga, she completed her 200 hour yoga teacher training at CorePower in Washington, D.C. over the summer of 2016. 

Now a current junior studying Public Health at the University of Michigan, Lily continues to spread her love for yoga through teaching for U of M’s department of Recreational Sports.  After spending this past summer working for a Partnership for a Healthier America, a nonprofit devoted to eradicating childhood obesity, Lily’s passion for resolving social inequities through the lens of nutrition and physical activity deepened greatly. Lily is beyond excited and humbled to be working on the Sangha Experience team this winter semester, as this experience will provide her a platform to share her love for yoga and passion for community-building.  


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